LED Fluter IP65, 40x15W, WIFI, 600W

40x15W high power RGBW LEDs
Beam angle 40°
4 kinds of DMX modes 6/8/40/44CHS
3-pin Seetronic J3F2C-W
Seetronic power IN (SAC3MPX) / OUT(SAC3FPX) 3 kinds of controlmodes: DMX512,WDMX,Master/Slave 2.4G Wireless DMX control
, Set-up is via an OLED graphic 5-button display, IP65 Level
Mietpreis 1 Tag: 90.00 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Tage: 135.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3-5 Tage: 180.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Woche: 225.00 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Wochen: 360.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3 Wochen: 450.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Monat: 540.00 CHF
Alle Preise gelten ohne MwSt.
1x Lampe
1x Barndoor
2x Antenne
1x Netzkabel
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