FULLFAT FFA-2004 HD G3 DSP 4x250W 8Ohm, 4x500W 4Ohm, 4x1000W 2Ohm

•FFA MATRIX G3 DSP 4 inputs 4 AUX outputs.
•Exceptional sound quality
•High Power efficiency and cool running
•Rugged Tour class Aluminium construction
•Light weight – 8 kg
•FFA Class D PWM
•High current switch mode power supply designed to give continuous power
•Superb limiter
•4 XLR analogue audio inputs
•Bi amp Neutrik® speakON outputs
•Neutrik® powerCON power input
•PSU soft start
•Hand built & designed in Hertfordshire, England
•6 year factory warranty
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FFA-2004 HD are high performance four channel power amplifiers.
These amplifiers are ideally suited for use with premium cinema sound systems.

FFA’s rugged, high current power supplies respond to the lowest musical notes and audio special effects. The mechanics are built to the same exacting standards as FFA’s professional live sound and night venue products. The FFA-2004 HD features a new silent cooling system so can be installed where equipment noise would normally cause a nuisance..

These class D amplifiers use highly efficient electronic technology to run cool and use less mains supply power. The precision analogue circuits give a very stable sound stage with excellent signal to noise ratio. The sound experience is wholly musical and natural which will enhance the cinematic performance.

Designed and made in England with a 6 year warranty.

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