B&C Speakers DE1090TN-1.4"Hochtontreiber

DE1090TN HF Drivers 1.4 inches

1.4" Neodym Hochtontreiber DE1090TN …DEMO…

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The DE1090TN is the latest version of our premium 100mm (4.0 in) voice coil, neodymium high frequency driver. The compact 127mm diameter was achieved using a specially designed inside ring neodymium magnet. The diaphragm used in DE1090TN has been completely redesigned to incorporate a bent edge voice coil former, as well as new dome and surround geometry. These modifications combine to better control diaphragm displacement and deformations, resulting in lower distortion and a smoother higher frequency response above 10kHz.

Impedanz: 8 Ohm
Belastbarkeit: 120/240 W
Frequenzbereich 500 – 20.000 Hz
Einsatz ab 800 Hz
Diaphragma: Titan
Schwingspule: 4" (100mm)

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