SWISSON XRC-150, DMX Dynamic Recorder

Record DMX, Replay DMX, Moving Light, Complex Sequences, Auto Start, Remote Control, Backup.
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1x BOX 40x30x12cm
1x Adapter XLR 3Pol M zu 5Pol F
5x Adapter XLR 3Pol F zu 5Pol M
1x Superclamp
1x Safety / Sicherungsseil 30cm

• Exactly recording and playing of movements and sequences
• Stand alone operation (Auto Start)
• 32 sequences
• 8 buttons to guarantee a fast access to sequences
• Easy replay of recorded data by simple pressing a button
• Light desk failure!! Automatic takeover of the DMX signal
• Remote with DMX or external signal
• Possibility of adding a clock timer
• X- fade between sequences
• Link option for several XRC-150 for more than 512 DMX Channels
• Play list creating

Anzahl DMX Eingänge: 1
Anzahl DMX Ausgänge: 1
Steuerschnittstellen: DMX 5pol, USB

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