PRISM RevEAL Studio SF2 2700-6000K Dynamic Colour LED Fresnel

4-flügelige Torblende, Abstrahlwinkel: 20-70° Auto Zoom
Mietpreis 1 Tag: 70.00 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Tage: 105.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3-5 Tage: 140.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Woche: 175.00 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Wochen: 280.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3 Wochen: 350.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Monat: 420.00 CHF
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RevEAL Studio SF2 – 2600-6000K, Dynamic Colour, 20-70° Auto Zoom

Product Features

Tunable CCT (2700-8000K), High CRI White (92+)
TrueSource® – Integrated Optical Feedback for Specifiable and Repeatable Color
Over 9700 Lumens, Output of a 2K Conventional
Smooth, Continuous 0-100% Dimming
Adjustable Beam 8-90°
Plus-Minus Magenta/Green CCT Correction
Local or Remote CCT and Intensity Control
Six Foot PowerCon to Edison Power Cable Included
No Degrading Ultraviolet or Uncomfortable Infrared
50,000 Hours at 70% Lumen Maintenance
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

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