LUCKY-TONE *MA-1000TD V2 • 2CH DSP & DANTE Endstufe

2x500W@4Ω, 2x300W@8Ω • 2-CH Endstufe, DSP DANTE, 100V or 4-16Ω
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Mietpreis 2 Tage: 75.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3-5 Tage: 100.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Woche: 125.00 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Wochen: 200.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3 Wochen: 250.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Monat: 300.00 CHF
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It can remotely monitor the status of power amplifier, set compression Controller, limiter, noise gate, parametric equalization, matrix routing, delay and other DSP functions in real time. Simple software interface provides customers with simple setup and operation experience.

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