CITC Hurricane II 3-Speed Fan

Fan to Blow fog, haze, snow, wind to 46m, Hochleistungslüfter. Geschwindigkeit: 3000/4000/5000U/min, Stufe 3 speeds to 93 km/h, Fan Outlet Opening: 16.5 x 47cm
Mietpreis 1 Tag: 85.00 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Tage: 127.50 CHF
Mietpreis 3-5 Tage: 170.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Woche: 212.50 CHF
Mietpreis 2 Wochen: 340.00 CHF
Mietpreis 3 Wochen: 425.00 CHF
Mietpreis 1 Monat: 510.00 CHF
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Product Description

Blow fog, haze, snow, wind to 46 m! Tilt 300 degrees, swivel 360 degrees. Three speeds; three seconds to top speed. Blow massive volumes of air without motor hum, the fan blade is 19.0 inches. Continuous output without overheating. Lightweight, portable, and economical. The Hurricane II is a full hp (.75 kw) and can blow to 46m.


Powerful 1 HP w/quiet operation
3 speed control
Smooth transition feels like variable
Mounts in all positions
Directional air flow now controllable
Reaches over 85' x 50' wide area
Steel blades are sharper for quieter operation
Sturdier blades keep on running
Includes mountable stand with swivel
runs continuously without overheating
1 Channel controls 3 speeds

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